That’s all you need to travel solo.

Moving from place to place or taking an excursion to wind down runs in our genes. Our ancestors moved across oceans to discover and experience something new. Companies like Virgin and LinkedIn have introduced new policies that offer their employees unlimited vacation to help them recharge. Everyone needs a holiday. However, not everyone has a companion to travel with. Things come up, you’re busy with work, your holiday plans don’t match with your mates, but you still want to travel and you’re afraid to do it alone. It’s absolutely common and normal for everyone – some are afraid that they might get lonely, few need someone to share moments with or some just need a person to take that picture of you under the waterfall.

Traveling solo is easy, it’s enjoyable, it helps you understand yourself. It takes you out of your comfort zone and most importantly it makes you meet wonderful people from all aspects of life that could one day turn out to be the best man at your wedding or the love of your life. There are over half a million people just like you looking for a companion and to explore the world. Solo Travel helps connect similar people with similar ideas of adventure. Our purpose is to build an online community and a travel resource to help people come together and share their experiences.

A hint of courage is all you need to take that next step to booking the flight to Greece or Patagonia. We at Solo Travel are here to do just that.

What is Solo Holidays?

Solo Holidays have put together an online community for the community no matter what age, interests, and travel preference, lifestyle or life situations. The design and layout are to use, we want you to spend the time to find the ideal holiday and companion, not long, tedious sign-up processes. Solo travel also hopes to be the perfect guide for your time off. We want to provide you with travel tips, safety tips, things to do, entertainment guides, food travel tips, lifestyle & shopping tips, and anything you can think off. We also let traveler’s blog about their holidays, their stories and share it with the whole community.

We want to encourage all the solo travelers out there to get out and explore this wonderful world.