Top 5 Most Interesting Food Worth Travelling For

snake wine

Many people travel to see natural wonders of the world, while others want to see and experience new cultures. But have you ever traveled just to try some new food?

It may sound silly, but as the popularity of the TV show "Bizarre Foods", hosted by Andrew Zimmern shows, people really are interested in food around the world. If you are wanting to visit somewhere new but aren't sure where to book your ticket to, check out these 5 incredible global foods that are worth hopping on a plane to try:

1. Snake Wine:

Sure, you may love a glass of wine, but have you ever tried snake wine? Most people haven't and it is quite interesting. You will need to travel to Vietnam or China to be served a bottle of wine that has an actual snake inside. Not like your standard glass of chardonnay, snake wine is believed to have restorative properties. There are two traditional ways to make snake wine. The first involves soaking a whole snake in rice wine, while the second is a little more gruesome, with the snake's body fluids, including blood, being mixed with the wine. Whether you want to improve your health or just try something wild, snake wine is one of the most interesting alcoholic beverages you can find.

2. Puffin Heart:


You will need to visit Iceland to try puffin heart, a local delicacy. Although not for the faint of heart or animal lovers, puffin heart is revered by the locals and is said to be quite tasty. Gordon Ramsey brought some attention to this unique dish on TV and was met with some complaints, but if you are in Iceland and want to eat like the locals do, order up a dish of puffin heart.

3. Rocky Mountain Oysters:

rocky mountain oysters

These may sound tame until you learn what they actually are: deep-fried bull testicles. This dish is said to have been a favorite of American cowboys in the wild, wild west, and is still served today. You can find them in many restaurants across the southwest, and oftentimes at local festivals. They are chewy but reportedly tasty, although the deep-fry batter certainly has something to do with improving the flavor.

4. Black Ivory Coffee:

black ivory coffee

Again, another benign sounding food. But what if you learned that this type of coffee is worth $1100 per kilogram? This rich coffee has an incredibly full flavor and is derived from coffee beans that are collected from the dung of Thai elephants. This type of coffee is one of the world's most expensive, and certainly most interesting, with an incredible flavor.

5. Fried Spiders:

If the thought of a spider crawling across your plate makes you want to scream, then you might be alarmed at the thought of eating one. However, they are a tasty snack served often in Cambodia. If you order one for yourself, you will receive a full fried tarantula with a side of black pepper and lime dip to enjoy it with. One of the top restaurants in Cambodia serves over 200 of these crispy critters a week, making it a top-seller in the country.