How To Take An Epic Selfie When You Travel Alone

taking selfies whilst travelling

Traveling by yourself can be extremely rewarding. You get to recharge and plan your itinerary without anyone to answer to but you. But solo holidays do have their problems - first and foremost being how to take those awesome shots of you standing in front of something amazing. Fear not, good traveler, for you too can take epic selfies when you're on your own.

1. Get A Selfie Stick

One of the most important tools you can have when traveling alone is a selfie stick. A good selfie stick is durable, lightweight, collapsible, and has a button on the handle so you can remotely trigger your camera or phone. When using a selfie stick, try different angles to find the one that you like best.

selfie stick travel

2. Get A Tripod

Tripods are another extremely useful tool when taking selfies on a solo holiday. They can be set up almost anywhere and used in a variety of situations. They are heavier and bulkier than selfie sticks, though, so make sure you find a tripod that will suit your needs and your travel situation. Another concern with tripods is that they move you away from your camera or phone, so they are not ideal when taking selfies in a crowded area. Be careful when using the tripod, as you don't want to lose your camera or phone over a selfie.

tripod travels

3. Ask A Stranger

In most cases, asking a stranger to take a photo for you is a good solution when yourself, a selfie stick, or a tripod are not an option. As with any interaction with a stranger, be careful and do your due diligence first. Your best bet to find someone who will not immediately run off with your camera is to look for someone who is already with someone else. Other tourists are a good solution. And if you want a really great photo, find someone who has a high-tech camera on them, someone who is already taking photos of the area. This is an indication that they know what they're doing and you won't have a crappy selfie in the end.

how to ask strangers for a photo

4. Lose The Fear

One of the things that inhibits a great selfie is fear. Fear of embarrassment, to be specific. Selfies have an unfair stigma attached to them and being seen out and about in a foreign place taking a selfie can be nerve-wracking. So lose the embarrassment. If other people think you're vain for taking a selfie, who cares? Let them think it. You'll still have epic photos of your trip to share when you get home and you'll never see them again.

5. Get Creative

The classic selfie is always a good option, but it's not the only option. Using a selfie stick, tripod, or stranger, you can get really creative with your photos and take some spectacular views at unique angles. Get a shot of you walking along the beach or from behind. Take a shot while you're jumping or dancing in a place that someone wouldn't normally dance. If you're at the ocean, splash in the water or take an underwater shot if that's an option. Use fun accessories to change things up or even take the photo upside down.

creative self portraits

6. Use The Rule of Thirds

When taking any photo, it is recommended to use the rule of thirds. That is why most modern cameras have a grid that divides the screen into nine sections. The basic idea is that you break the image down into thirds, both vertically and horizontally, so it is well balanced and attractive. The same rule holds true when taking selfies. Try to line yourself up so you fall in either the left/right or top/bottom third. In most situations, you don't want to center yourself exactly in the middle of the image. Putting yourself off-center will make the image more visually stimulating.

rule of thirds in photohraphy

7. Take Some Test Shots

In this digital age, it doesn't hurt anything to take a few extra shots that you probably won't use. Try out some different angles to see which ones you like the best before settling in to take your official photo. This is a great way to make sure you have the right light for the photo you want and to find new, unique ways to take an image.

8. Take A Video

Sometimes the best way to get the selfie you want is to take a video. A video captures a bunch of pictures at once and gives you the opportunity to go through when you're done to find the exact image you want. You can then snapshot it and share it with the world.

Taking selfies while on a solo holiday is a great way to share your experiences with your friends and family. Be safe, be great, and have fun! Now that you know how to take the perfect shot, learn more about keeping your photos safe whilst you're on the road.